Personality Test

(Author’s note:  What’s this?  A post in the afternoon?  Two posts in one day?  Whaaa?  Don’t get lazy.  You think you know us?  You don’t know us. )


Do you like personality tests?  I do.  If you want to take a brief but insightful one, go ahead and read the rest of this post.

Step 1:  Watch this video.

Step 2:  Answer the following question:  Did you laugh really hard during this video?

Ok, are you ready for your results?

If you answered “Yes” to the question in Step 2, you are a successful, actualized person who has tons of cool friends and a sweet car.

If you answered “No” to the question in Step 2, you are an unhappy, annoying person who spoils everyone’s fun.  The worst part is that you don’t even mean to spoil everyone’s fun.  You’d actually like to join in the fun, but every time you try to it just gets awkward and weird and everyone kind of walks off.  But then a few minutes later you notice that everyone has regrouped a few feet away from you, and they’re all kind of staring at you and obviously talking about you.  So maybe laughing at bloopers isn’t the most sophisticated thing in the world to do.  Congratulations.  You’re more sophisticated than everyone else.  I hope sophisticated makes sure to show up at your housewarming party, because no one else will.  The rest of us will be at my house, gathered around the TV watching America’s Funniest Home Videos, having an amazing time with some really hot girls who you don’t even know.

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11 Responses to Personality Test

  1. Christian says:

    Holy Crap, who is this guy? We need to get him booked for the dontdodumbthings charity Christmas Gala, where all proceeds will go to him to make more fishing videos. So freaking funny.

  2. Eliza says:

    LSHICB my new super catchy acronym for Laughing So Hard I Can’t Breathe. I like that guy so so much, his reactions killed me more than his actual bloopers. I’m sitll shaking with laughter. good stuff, oh and your commentary was pretty dang funny too.

  3. Rebecca says:

    I know that you are probably assuming that I’m in category #2, but I’ll let you know that I laughed pretty dang hard. I’m with Eliza too, his reactions to the bloopers were almost as funny as the actual bloopers.

  4. Rachel says:

    Does he wear the same outfit in every show or is he just having the worst day ever?

    I love how he is paddling to get the boat over the log- thanks for the negative effort.

    Just goes to show you that anyone can have their own fishing show- all you need is half a brain, a yellow shirt, and a Longhorns hat. (Boat is optional as are sturdy fishing poles)

  5. Andrea W. says:

    I was literally choking on my laughter. It gets better and better the more you watch it. My absolute favorite was when he goes to hand the battery (or whatever it was) and the guy had already moved and falls in. I also love that an actual person says “dad gum”. I want to be related to this man.

  6. Macy says:

    Doesn’t Brennan say, “Dad gum”??

  7. matt says:

    Davis, what is this sweet show? I sounds like I could learn some good life skills from it.

  8. Craig says:

    i laughed pretty hard, but not quite as hard as when i watched this:

  9. Christian says:

    We’ve done our best to suppress that video, Craig.

  10. Braden says:

    Finally got to his. Hillarious. Especially the, “I make my living outdoors, so…. right before another catastrophe happens. Perfect.

  11. Tears. Just tears right now. My favorite was the motor breaking offand spinning just out of his reach for 42 minutes.

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