Friday Fun Video Time!


Look, I can count on one finger the number of Mormon-themed attempts at humor that I’ve found funny.  And Twilight-related jokes at this point in the game are generally pretty Jay Leno-y.  (“You want to see bloodsuckers?  I’ll save you the $9 and drive you to my lawyer’s office!!”)  So I’ll be the first to admit that I was a little skeptical about the below video.  My skepticism was misplaced.

Twilight Years from Tom on Vimeo.

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7 Responses to Friday Fun Video Time!

  1. Christian says:

    Funny video, but isn’t Melissa 12 yrs younger than you?

  2. hasselboff says:

    lolol. it really is so good.

    easily my favorite exchange:

    bella: you’ve been to duck beach 10 times? how old are you?
    edward: 18
    bella: how long have you been 18?
    edward: 15 years

  3. Davis says:

    My favorite line is, “You got your mission call from Howard W. Hunter??”

  4. MMB says:

    Holy Cannoli Batman! That is dead on!

  5. bgp says:

    this is great. i ditto the favorite line being the mission call from howard w. hunter. i had to share this on my facebook. hope you don’t mind since i don’t even know any of you.

  6. Christian says:

    Welcome, bgp, and thanks for revealing yourself. See, now we do know each other.

  7. Chelsea says:

    Haha! “You don’t have roommates.”

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