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Our Town

But as a kid, downtown had a darker visage. Those little old houses were the dwellings of mean, tough, lower-middle class kids who had rat tails, bad teeth, Def Leopard shirts, and cut-off Levi shorts. Continue reading

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Onnnnnn the Wiinnnnnngs of Looooovvve

Well, it’s that time of year again. You know what I’m talking about. Let’s stop playing games and just call a spade a spade: The Bachelor is back, and we’re all pumped about it. Or at least we were, until … Continue reading

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“I Am Rich and You Are Worthless”

“If you have to go buy your first set of pretentious man-jewelry, and want to tone down the stuffiness of it all, you can’t beat the Sizzler of haberdashers, right?” Continue reading

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First Rule of Fight Club

The only rule at dddt IS THAT THERE ARE NO RULES, GRANDMA!

“But Sharkman, isn’t it a rule that every post has to be a 17 page essay from nerdville jr. high?” Continue reading

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Red Eye

I once wrote a post in which I stated, “If you were plotting to kill me, you could just put a big black bomb like you see in cartoons on my doorstep with a note that says, ‘Light this if … Continue reading

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Free the Candy

Valentine’s Day approaches. For women, this means that men will give them cupcakes or jewels or even a rose cleverly encapsulated within a blown-up balloon, if they’re my 10th grade girlfriend. For me, it means that the secretaries have begun … Continue reading

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A Really Great Opportunity

Do I want to not work and be rich or do I like working a lot and being poor? Do I want to keep working for my fat, smelly boss, or do I want to FIRE his butt? Do I like how my wife looks in her salmon Jacqueline Smith blouse, or would she look better in Dior zebra fur? Continue reading

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