Nerdy But Stylish For $1000, Please

alex-trebek 2

I was watching Jeopardy the other night and I was saying to Reba (my wife. Don’t call her Reba, because she hates it. It’s Rebecca) that the décor and graphic design of the whole show is done in the super high-tech 1988 style; even the daily double sound effects sound like laser guns shooting. And how it reminds me of our elementary school pictures; the ones that allowed you to choose between four space-age looking backdrops. The final picture didn’t look like you were sitting in a drab school auditorium, taking the picture in front of some fake, boring pull-down graphic. Rather it looked like someone caught an action shot of you, floating around in a laser show that was taking place in space! All while wearing a florescent orange t-shirt that changes color when touched. That’s what the Jeopardy set reminds me of, and I’m glad A-Treb and the crew are keeping it real after all these years. Anyway, I went to the World Wide Web seeking an example of the kind of vintage picture I was talking about, and found this treasure.

You’re welcome.

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10 Responses to Nerdy But Stylish For $1000, Please

  1. Rebecca says:

    It is a little weird that Jeopardy hasn’t updated their stage at all. Every time I watch, I think I’m watching some re-run from the 1980’s and then Alex asks a question about the Jonas Brothers and I’m reminded that this is just how the set looks and, unlike American Idol who changes their set every 6 months, they really are keeping it real for all of us children of the 80’s.

  2. Rachel says:

    The reason they don’t change the set is because the only people that watch Jeopardy are 70 years plus and dementia has set in. If you update the show, you will be upsetting and possibly losing a large target audience. All the while, these old-timers will be flipping through the channels with their taped-up 50-year old remotes looking for their favorite daytime show that has now apparently gone off the air.

  3. Ryan says:

    How would you know what the Jeopardy! set looked like back in its heyday? We weren’t allowed to watch it because of our family-wide boycott of Channel 4 due to their scandalous content. Don’t tell me you crossed those picket lines, Kook. Seriously, we would be through.

    (by the way, people, let’s have the proper spelling of the game show’s name from here on out. None of this acting like that exclamation point isn’t there).

  4. Eliza says:

    So funny and so true! that strangely gave me a craving to watch the show, because honestly that Alex is one smooth host, plus nothing helps my ego more than when I can answer a few questions on that show. funny.

  5. Andrea W. says:

    Those aweseom laser backgrounds were the BEST. What family room isn’t classed up by a couple of those hanging on the walls?

  6. Davis says:

    You know how when you’re playing Trivial Pursuit and you’re the one asking the question and you can see the answer and it seems like the most obvious answer in the world, and anyone who doesn’t know it right away is a total moron? That’s Alex Trebek, times 30 years. He thinks he’s so freaking smart because he knows all the answers, but he only knows them because he has the card that shows them to him. I’d like to see him go on the show and see how he does. Plus, I hate how he pronounces the foreign words with such a flourish. Drives me crazy.

  7. Christian says:

    Rachel, lol. That is a really good theory for why they haven’t updated things. Hadn’t thought of that angle

    Eliza, He IS the smoothest.

    Andrea, In preparing this post I looked through our family album for one of those pics of me and couldn’t find one. But I distinctly remember every year having an option of 4 space age backgrounds or the plain one and I loved the space ones so I’m thinking mom must have forced me to do the plain one. Whack, right?

  8. Love this. And I was for sure all about gently breathing on my purple shirt to change it to pink. Cause that’s what you do in space.

  9. Christian says:

    Pretty sure the technology in those shirts is now used in astronaut suits.

  10. Troy says:

    I always steered clear of the thermo-color shirts for fear that my yellow shirt would just have blue armpits.

    I agree Davis, I too have a loathing for the smugness of Trebek. I want to put him in a room along with a few of my teachers from jr high and high school and administer a dang hard test. See how smarty pants they are without the answer key.

    LOL on the lasers, Kook.

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