Chinese Statistic Contest Results


I collected my favorite statistic from each commenter and asked Davis and Ryan to vote on the best of those best, with me acting as tie breaker. First place was actually unanimous.

And the winner is…………………………………….

“35% of all statistics are about China.”

Skipper Skew, the man who is forced to comment less and less as time goes on and he exhausts all possible variations of the name Skew.

And honorable second place tie mentions go out to Troy:

“There are more so-called counterfeit goods made in China than so-called brand-name goods elsewhere. So, really, who are the counterfeiters here?”

And to Staniel:

“If every Chinese person was the size of Yao Ming, the current Chinese population would fill every inch of land space in the eastern hemisphere.
In 2035, every Chinese person will be the size of Yoa Ming AND the population will triple . . .”

Very funny stuff all of you. A little too funny, perhaps. Don’t forget whose blog home you’re guests in, please.

Congratulations, Skew. You’re candy bar is (almost) in the mail.

And to everyone else. I am being honest when I say that you all had at least one that made me lol. And that’s no joke.

Thanks for participating.

For those who didn’t participate. Guess what? I’m actually sending everyone who did participate a free touchscreen ipod and a Siberian Tiger Rug. This blog is like Oprah’s Favorite Things Episode. Hope you’ve learned your lesson.

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2 Responses to Chinese Statistic Contest Results

  1. Skewquest says:

    Yea! This is a very prestigious award, and I’m honored. I actually thought there were a lot of others better than mine, like:

    “Based on average size of the population, the likelihood of a Chinese woman giving birth to a man the size of Yao Ming is comparable to an american mother having non-identical twins that were each 8′6″ weighing over 400 pounds.”

    “Those dragon costumes that are in Chinese parades are still really scary to 1 out of 10 adult men.

    Those same 1 out of 10 adult men have also been legitimately stuck in a chinese finger trap and needed assistance to get out.”

    I like reese’s pieces please. Or Chris you could just once bring me a sandwich like I always ask you to when I call and let you know that I’m at the ABQ airport for the next 20 minutes. Keep in mind that I don’t give buddy passes out to be nice, I do it so I can keep you forever in debt to me.

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