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Friday Fun

Which made me think about a few of my favorite animal pictures of late. So I’m going to break from our normal essay format and share some of them with you. And don’t think I’m slacking. These actually took forever to dig up and format. Note: hat tip to Davis and Craig on many of these: Continue reading

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The Referendum

If I were to ask you which 20 years in the life of the modern middle class American are the most critical and defining, your answer – assuming you’re smart – would be the years between ages 20 and 40.

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Security Professionals Part II: The Battle of Top Cop

See Part I of this story here. It took me two weeks of hard work and diminishing hopes to find Mr. Martinez.  One other salesman had already broken through by then, with several sales under his belt, but the rest … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Dumb People

Do you ever think back to things you did or said or even generally the way you were—entire swaths of behavior, whole eras of time—five or ten years ago, and the memory makes you want to move to rural Manchuria to avoid contact with anyone from your former life? Me neither. Nothing to be ashamed of over here. Continue reading

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Caller ID Ruined Everything

My friend Spencer was the youngest of seven or eight kids, and even though his older brothers were mostly married with children, they were always popping in and out of Spencer’s house, which was where we hung out a lot … Continue reading

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Machines and Machinations

After a few frustrated questions, and a few innocent, baffled answers, he was down in the gutter tipping the lawn mower over to drain the tank, and I was in on the couch watching Greatest American Hero. Continue reading

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So What

Great post on Wednesday, Davis. 33 comments. Big freakin’ deal. Here’s the thing I’ve realized about comments. The more comments your post gets, the sorrier you know people feel for you. It’s like if you have five dollars to give … Continue reading

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