Less is More. Seriously.

Gentle Reader,

We’ve been blogging fives times a week for a little over four months.  While discussing the other day how unfortunate it was that we were going to have to quit our jobs and leave our families and move back in with our parents just so we could continue to blog five times a week, it suddenly occurred to us:  maybe we could stay married and employed and living without a curfew if we started to blog three times a week!  This seemed like a better option, so that’s the one we’re going to take.

All the same good times and good feelings will continue throughout the week.  Just with fewer risks to the rest of our lives.  So, from here on out, expect posting like clockwork on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  There will also be occasional entries on other days of the week too, as well as ongoing conversation (in fact, we hope the intermittent posting will allow the discussion to develop more freely).

Anyway, we want to involve you, Gentle Reader, in this decision as much as we can.  That’s why we’re telling you now that we’ve made it.  New post up tomorrow, then the new schedule begins, with posts on Wednesday, Friday, Monday, etc.

Thanks everyone for making DDDT a fun place to be.



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17 Responses to Less is More. Seriously.

  1. Davis says:

    Let it be known that I fought this decision tooth and nail but was ultimately outvoted by Ryan and Kook, who don’t really care about you guys or this blog or anyone but themselves.

  2. Danica says:

    No hard feelings here. Or as Zack loves to say, Hakuna Matata.

  3. bells says:

    i think you should apply the same principle to your posts in general. they are all really great i just think you lose some of the humor when they are SO SO wordy and long. just a thought….

  4. Ryan says:

    Imposter! No person named Bell has ever argued for brevity in the written word.

  5. Skewfest says:

    I was amazed and impressed at how long you fellas could keep at the five posts a week routine. No wonder you started repeating each others post themes and borrowing from old retired blogs 🙂 “Absence make the heart grow fonder.” I loved you at five posts a week, I’ll love you at three posts a week.

    How bout inviting some guest posters? Carrot Top seems available and desperate for exposure these days. Seriously, your blog is awesome but it might benefit from a broader perspective. Not that the three brothers-from compton bench-republican-mormon-married with kids/dog-30 something-tall and lanky/not so tall and lanky-middle/upper class white guy- perspective isn’t broad.

  6. Davis says:

    Skew, that’s a great idea. I’m reaching out to my brother Braden right now.

  7. Christian says:

    To do list:

    1 Brush teeth.
    2 Check daily shark attack news.
    3 Send mail bomb to “bells”(likely one of our wives).
    4 Check daily big cats attack news.

    Actually, bells, I’ve been arguing the same thing for months. So thank you for justifying me.

  8. Braden says:

    I think you are probably wise to do this, although I will miss it. Keep your powder dry, stay on top of the game, etc. etc.

    Skew, if DDDT doesn’t provide an outlet for that critical demographic, then who will? And there is diversity. Dave and Ry aren’t really lanky.

  9. Ben Pratt says:

    I, for one, welcome the new schedule. Perhaps I can get out of the laughter-induced hernia operation the doctor wants to do.

  10. bells says:

    I knew this day was coming. It just wasn’t possible for you guys to keep churning out 1,000 word posts daily. That would require some serious mental stamina.

    Good luck on your 3x a week schedule boys.

  11. I can’t even imagine keeping up the pace you guys have. But I love every word of it:) I try to keep up 6 blogs… but not all get equal amounts of love… kind of like my children but more like my husband… who gets the leaner share but still manages to maintain a gut;)

    Love your blog!

  12. Wait… that didn’t come out right… the children get equal love… just different for each… but my husband really does have to share his share with the blogs;)

  13. Andrea W. says:

    BOOOO. What am I supposed to do Tuesday and Thursday mornings?????

  14. Alesa says:

    I guess I will have start rationing myself. Maybe if I only read half a post per day I can sustain myself. Good luck.

  15. Andrea W. says:

    I will say that your sidebar links are the BEST so if you’ll keep those up I’ll forgive you the two days you are robbing me of.

  16. jo says:

    I just read the Mr. Rogers piece (on the sidebar). How sweet!

  17. Sherri says:

    i have been too busy to read lately, so this is welcome news. now maybe i can keep up with you guys. love the laughs you give!

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