Friday Fun

Davis sent me this picture a couple days ago:


Which made me think about a few of my favorite animal pictures of late. So I’m going to break from our normal essay format and share some of them with you. And don’t think I’m slacking. These actually took forever to dig up and format. Note: hat tip to Davis and Craig on many of these:

boy and snake


The elephant is wailing on some sort of big monitor lizard that picked the wrong group of animals to creep out



great white



russian bear



Lastly, I want to leave you with this video. Many of you probably saw part of the same story a couple years ago. But like me, you were left frustrated at having it cut off right at the crucial second, without hearing what had preceded and followed the clip. Here’s the rest of the story.

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15 Responses to Friday Fun

  1. Norm says:

    I’m glad you did.

  2. Davis says:

    Stunning all, but I find myself most amazed by one thing: the musculature of the buttocks on the gorillas. Good heavens.

    Apey’s got back. (Hey-oooooo. NAILED IT.)

  3. Braden says:

    Wow! That pic of the guy in the kayak with the shark under him perfectly communicates what was in my head every time I went to Pineview Dam or Bear Lake as a kid.

    I love the pic of the guy chasing the bear with the bat. Awesome.

  4. Ben Pratt says:

    Yes! I love Fridays!

    “Make sure you scrub behind the snake’s, ah, ears, son. There’s a good boy.”

    Between the flying shark and that woman’s trained rat army-in-progress, I’m never going near the ocean or central Asia. Ever.

  5. Ryan says:

    There is so much love in the snake-bathing picture. Families come in so many shapes and sizes!

  6. Collin Phipps says:

    I liked the bears riding the horse. When do we go to dere? Dat’s all daddy. When do we go to dere? Dat’s it.

  7. Landon says:

    I HAVE always wondered what happened to that guy that was attacked by the tiger. One of my favorite Youtube clips, I always thought he had died from that, thanks for some closure.

  8. Davis! My thoughts exactly! Christian, great post. Skin is crawling from the rat picture, and the video was intense. And what the crap with the kayak/shark guy??? How ’bout some closure there too?

  9. Serene says:

    I’m all about the gorilla photo. Strangely reminds me of my boys when they first get out of the bathtub.

  10. Rachel says:

    I almost wet my pants watching that youtube clip. Can you imagine watching that scene unfold and being the person, say, directly behind the elephant driver? I can’t say that I wouldn’t have just pushed him off the elephant- as a sacrifice to save myself.

  11. DeNae says:

    I loved the snake bathing picture. And the elepant wailing on the monitor lizard. Oh, and the shark and the kayak. And the Klingon Bird of Prey taking out that Romulon taco stand. That one was totally my favorite. Take THAT, cicle of life! (I think the Ambien is finally working. Time to stop leaving stream-of-consciousness comments on strangers’ blogs….)

  12. DeNae says:

    And you should know, I can totally spell and everything when I’m not under the influence of narcotics. Just ask my parole officer. (BTW, I”m a bloggy pal of Braden’s. I’m not some free-associating hippie that just wandered off the street and into your blog. Our relationship is such fun: I claim to be his friend, and then he jokingly takes out a restraining order out on me, so I sneak into his house and take pictures of his dog with a clothesline looped around his tail, then hysterically he calls the cops and the ASPCA and a lawyer, and then I shave my head and sing show tunes on his driveway until the taser finally works…good times, good times…)

  13. Christian says:

    Norm, thanks.

    Davis, that’s why I posted that picture. It reminded me of my own bottom.

    Braden, I had the same problem in freshwater lakes as a young child. This fear wasn’t helped by my older brothers singing the jaws theme song whenever I did finally get in.

    Ben and Ryan, seriously. So awesome. That’s how they roll over there, you know? It’s just different.

    Colin, my thoughts exactly my young squire, my thoughts exactly.

    Landon, I’m glad you had seen that. How amazing is that video. The thing that amazes me most is how perfectly the tiger executes everything. He sneaks through pretty short grass unseen, then takes a few steps, jumps 12 feet while being shot at, perfectly times his paw swipe and bite to inflict damage, then lands on the ground from 12 feet in the air without injuring himself. I think tiger’s are the perfect creation. They are so incredible.

    Danica and Brandon, the man in the kayak was eaten by that shark 40 seconds after that picture was taken. I didn’t want to have to share that, but there you go.

    Natalie, that’s great. I love me a good funny cat picture. You made me realize that I need to tap into all you readers internet perusing and ask you to send me any awesome animal pics you find, for the next round of these. So please email me any you see.

    Serene, lol. I really can see what you’re talking about.

    Rachel, I know you would do that, which explains my policy against riding on elephants with you.

    Danae, welcome! And I think my brother Ryan is probably a big Star Trek fan, so you’ll fit in nicely. And the only part of your story is the show tunes part. Braden would invite Hitler himself into the living room if he was singing showtunes in his driveway.

  14. Pan seared Atlantic salmon seasoned with smoked alderwood salt, cracked pepper, smoked paprika and a sprinkle of thyme. To go with it I steamed some fresh broccoli with melted butter…

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