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When you get married, you sign up for a totally new life of permanent bliss (obviously!).  There’s a lot of great things about marriage.  If I list them, you’re going to think I’m sappy, so just trust me that I … Continue reading

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I went out to eat a few days ago with 5 guys from my company. We didn’t go to 5 Guys, but now that I see the word play possibilities I wish we had, because the older I get the … Continue reading

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It’s Here. It’s Really, Finally Here.

In my experience, a person’s reaction to the arrival of football season can be predicted by assessing their spouse’s reaction to the arrival of football season. And then inverting it.

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Fisher Price Crushed My Dreams and Saved My Career

Sure I’m a lawyer, but I’ve always had an exit strategy.  I think most lawyers do.  Maybe you have to, to keep yourself sane in this business.  When you’re in law school, you hear from all kinds of people– uncles, … Continue reading

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Small Friday Fun

No time for a lengthy post this morning. Most of you have seen the short Basil Marceaux video by now, but hopefully not many of you have seen this full length video with subtitles. After the first minute he’s at … Continue reading

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The Art of Painting War

It is literally impossible for me to watch a movie about war without spending most of the movie obsessing over the question of how much courage I would show if called to arms.

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We went on a vacation to Southern California last month.  Each year my wife’s whole family goes to a beach house that belongs to her aunt, so it’s a big family trip.  My wife is one of four sisters.  People … Continue reading

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