Small Friday Fun

No time for a lengthy post this morning. Most of you have seen the short Basil Marceaux video by now, but hopefully not many of you have seen this full length video with subtitles. After the first minute he’s at a different venue with new good things to say.

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3 Responses to Small Friday Fun

  1. He’s definitely headed in the right direction. Perhaps he could get some points on refinement before his next appearance.

    Are you sure he’s not from Louisiana?

  2. I wonder what Basil would have to say about this:

    Or, better yet, this….

  3. Ben Pratt says:

    LOL I hadn’t seen this. “So omelette…so hop to it go name go look at the contritstution of my sub!”

    Nothing can find corruption like the POWER OF THE LOCOMOTIVE!

    There’s a guy who runs for something every election up in the Seattle area. His first name is Goodspaceguy. True story.

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