Last One (Until Next Week)

We try to take a slightly different approach than your average personal blog here, and I don’t usually write “We went there, and then we did that” posts. But there’s some stuff I want to get down in writing, and I don’t have time to do that and do a regular post. So here’s a “we went there, and then we did that” post. 

6 Years in Words (328 to be exact): I moved here to get a Master’s in International Affairs at Columbia in late August of 2004. I got an internship at Bear Stearns. I hung out with Kemps and Sundquists and Bills and the girls on 93rd Street. We longboarded at the parking garage downtown and later down the Big Easy and Claremont and the Stam. I dated here and there. Ron moved to New York. I graduated and got a job at Bear Stearns where I discovered a cabal of reprobates who I to this day love very much.  Kemps and Sundquists and Bills left. Jerks. Ron and I got a place together. I won $1,000 from Ron in one night of Tony Hawk, which I never collected.

I met Melissa. We started dating. We fell in love. I wanted to get married. She freaked out. Then she wanted to get married. I freaked out. I realized I was going bald and shaved my head. Things changed at Bear Stearns. I got a job at unnamed investment bank #2. I worked a lot; this time is a little fuzzy. We became friends with Combs and Romney’s and Moe’s. We skateboarded and played Halo and Rock Band and went to the beach on Saturdays and the park on Sundays. Melissa and I took advantage of a rare moment when neither of us was freaking out and got engaged. The world fell apart. We got married. We thought about leaving New York but didn’t. Laundromats. Laundromats??!! Melissa and I got a puppy and a place together. With Ron. I got a job at an unnamed global media company. Romney’s left. We got our own place. Ron left. We found Whitings and Rays. We stayed here for Christmas. We ran in the Park in the winter and the spring and the summer.  Fall came and we decided to leave.

6 Years in Numbers and Pictures:

Time Spent: 6 years and 2 Months

Lovely Wives Acquired: 1

melissadavis  236

Terrible Dogs Acquired: 1

I am going to ruin your life.

Apartments: 4 (2 years at 112th and Frederick Douglas; 2 months at 113th and Broadway; 3 years at 95th and West End; 1 year at 80th and Amsterdam)

Jobs: 3

Offices: 383 Madison, 1585 Broadway, One Rockefeller Plaza

Global Financial Crises For Which My Employers Were Partially or Wholly Responsible: 1

Ways In Which Said Global Financial Crisis Really Messed Up My Life: 3,193

Survival Rate of Investments Banks I Have Worked For: 50%

weekend 1

Master’s Degrees Acquired: 1

Debt Accumulated: Don’t Worry About it

Weight Gained: ~60 lbs (Major Contributors: S’Mores Pop Tarts and Cool Ranch Doritos stocked in the vending machines at SIPA, crushing loneliness, Chewy Chips Ahoy, 14-hour workdays, interminable winters, Seamless Web, Dallas BBQ, Mary’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough, Patsy’s, Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies in the vending machine at unnamed investment bank #2, Shake Shack)

Weight Lost: ~60 lbs. (Major Contributors: Being happy, Weight Watchers, Melissa and Andrea making me do the New Year’s Eve run in Central Park, Melissa talking me into doing Ragnar, me talking Melissa into actually training for Ragnar, 9-hour workdays, mirrors and photographs, Triscuits, Fiber One Bars, ham sandwiches from Pret, Lean Cuisine, Edy’s fruit popsicles)

dinner 2

Wards: 4 (Manhattan 8th Singles, Inwood 3rd Singles, Manhattan 8th Singles again, Morningside Heights – I totally came to this ward of my own will, Manhattan 1st)

Scooters Acquired: 1


Scooter Accidents: 0

Near-miss Scooter Accidents: 6,104

Scooter Parking Tickets: 20?

Public Transportation-Induced Shootings Prevented By Having A Scooter: 3

Lifelong Friendships Made: 12

Previously Existing Lifelong Friendships Made Stronger: 5

Lifelong Nemeses Acquired: 3

People Staying The Night With Us: I really have no idea. At least several hundred.


Trips to Utah: 25+

Road Trips: New Hampshire, Boston, Delaware Water Gap, Washington, D.C., the Hampstons, Philly, the Gunks, the Catskills (this is kind of pathetic, as I look at it; should have done more)

Concerts Attended: Rilo Kiley, The Police, Bill Joel, Neil Young, Robert Plant and Alison Krause, Wilco, Vampire Weekend, Conor Oberst, Joshua Radin


Sporting Events Attended: Giants/Bears, U.S. Open, Yankees, Mets, Knicks

Broadway Musicals Attended: More than I’d like to admit.

Top 10 Things I Will Miss the Most (In No Particular Order): Our friends, Patsy’s, Shake Shack, the beach, nighttime runs in Central Park with Melissa and Lyla, Sunday nights in the Park, brunch at Bubby’s, scooter rides around the city, Scum nights, longboarding on the UWS, dodgeball.

Top 10 Things I Will Miss the Least (In No Particular Order): The subway, the humidity, not having a car, not living near family, not playing sports, the mice, the rent, making friends and then watching them leave, mean,difficult people, trying to do things that are easy and simple everywhere but that here are ordeals of Biblical proportions.

Times I Have Gotten Choked Up In The Last 2 Weeks: 15+

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24 Responses to Last One (Until Next Week)

  1. Ryan says:

    Wow, that was awesome.

  2. N Whiting says:

    This gave me a weird pit in my stomach; the first time I met you guys you were dressed as a gangster and Melissa had a long blond wig on. “Our” New York will I guess we’ll see you at Sundance next summer. Won’t be the same but we’ll take it.

  3. Ben Pratt says:

    Timeless themes and universal truths. Ryan was right, this place is transcendent. Wonderful, Davis.

  4. is it weird that i’m sad you’re leaving? i won’t feel any ties now to ny when i go visit. it’s the end of an era not having you in ny.

  5. Jeff says:

    Great tribute to New York and your friends. Anytime I read stuff like this , it makes me want to load up the moving van and head East.

    Good luck on the next chapter.

  6. Andrea W. says:

    This makes me so happy we came and stayed while you guys were still there. I’ll never forget that US Open match, that was truly a once-in-a-lifetime. Your love/hate relationship with New York is always fun to read about.

  7. Katherine (Foulger) Lewis says:

    This is BIG FREAKING news!

    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on returning to Utah! Well, I assume you’re going to Utah, I guess I don’t know what your plans are. But, I know you’ve wanted it for a long time now. I’m sure your families are thrilled.

    Secondly, this was awesome. I really enjoyed it. Turns out, you really did love New York. Ah, the beauty of looking back….Change is hard. So so hard. Good luck with the new chapter.

    Also, I think you’re really smart to leave after an awesome summer. Don’t stick around for the ugly winter that is approaching. Get out while you can!
    Enjoy Utah’s snow for me. It’s been over 2 years since I’ve even tried on my ski boots. Totally depressing.

    Say hi to Dwis, I mean, the RIver King, for me.

  8. Jason says:

    this is nice… tear — how much are you selling your scooter for?

  9. Megan says:

    Did you count out all the words? Cause I HATE counting words.
    And do you count the a’s, is’s, and i’s?


    Also, I really liked this post too.

  10. kaitlyn says:

    that was tender ( i may or may not have gotten a little misty eyed at my desk) but im still of the mindset that you aren’t going anywhere, its like the secret right… im just putting my thoughts out into the universe and believing they will come true.

    but maybe its getting canceled out by the fact that you guys and jordan are telling the universe we should move too.


  11. Candice says:

    i have a future post request:
    Please expand on this “Lifelong Nemeses Acquired: 3”

  12. Davis says:

    Ryan, Danica, and Ben: thanks.

    Nichole, was it really only then? Seems like so much longer ago.

    Sarah, we’re looking for friends in P-town. Keep us in mind.

    Jeff, it’s tempting, but don’t do it.

    Andrea, single best sporting event I’ve ever attended. Unbelievably awesome.

    Kathy, thanks! We’re so pumped.

    Jason, I’ll never, ever, ever sell my scooter. Ever.

    Megan, yup, and thanks. (Oh, and you should use Tools > Word Count in Word. Makes it easy.

    Kaitlyn, if you use The Secret to foil our move, I will use it to ensure you never again live in California. And yes, the Universe wants you guys to move. To Provo.

    Candice, I want to sooooooo badly. But I can’t. I just can’t.

  13. maweesa says:


  14. Shane says:

    3 lifelong nemeses? That deserves a future post.

    Kind of awesome that you are the one that outlasted most of us.

    Btw, I feel like I should come up and help you move furniture– if only for partial repayment for the couch experience on E 27th

  15. Troy says:

    Several HUNDRED visitors? You told me you bought that inflatable mattress just for me. I’m confused. Where did the several hundred other people sleep? Certainly not on MY mattress, right?

    Welcome home…can’t wait to see more of you guys.

  16. Macy Bell says:

    cute post. I am going to miss visiting you guys out there.
    I love memories, and thinking back on places we ate, worked, walked, and spent time. One of my most favorite things to do actually. New York is a great place, and just think now about your future visits there and how much more magical they will be. I cannot wait until the year when my kids will all be old enough to take them on a American history tour of DC.

  17. andrea c says:

    great post d. we are really going to miss you guy!! ny will not be the same without you. you know, it’s not too late to change your mind…

    btw so far i have acquired at least 1 ny nemesis: you know who you are, lyla.

  18. Slade says:

    I feel like going to Shake Shack and crying over a shack burger. But I don’t think it will taste the same without you D.

  19. Davis says:

    Maweesa, indeed.

    Shane, let me be very clear: there is nothing you could do that would make us even for the experience of moving your couch. Nothing.

    Troy, I never let anyone sleep on your mattress. It’s yours, duh.

    Macy, we’re a lot alike. I’m already fantasizing about bringing our kids back here.

    Andrea, you’re going to miss Lyla, and everyone knows it.

    Slade, a Shack burger saturated with tears is still delicious.

  20. Mollie says:

    I don’t know you, but I do love reading your blog, and I had no idea we were practically neighbors all this time. And now you’re leaving and I’m sad we won’t get to be real-life friends, even though I didn’t realize this was a hypothetical possibility until now. Maybe someday I’ll make a trip to Utah!

  21. Davis says:

    Hi Mollie, what a shame! Thanks for reading, though. You might be our first and only Catholic.

  22. Mollie says:

    Oh, I’m sure there’d be more of us, but you have no idea how hard it is to get one of those papal dispensations. (I know a guy.)

  23. Mary says:

    so bummed that we are not there to help give you a proper send off like you gave us and to have one last horrah in the city….yep….i call NY “the city” with pride.

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