Non-Post Post

Sorry folks, no time for a post this week. Please be patient with us the next few weeks as one of us starts a new job, one of us starts new projects at a fairly new job, and the other…continues to be a lawyer, and blogs 3 times a week because he’s a stand up guy!

So today you have a couple options:

You can look at Reba’s latest post on the family blog (mostly just scroll down to the last picture to fill your cuteness quota for the day. She will one day thank her mother for knowing that Benjamin Franklin’s haircut is always in style. Just like modesty.)

“We don’t care about your stupid family!” (Danica would say it that way, but most of you wouldn’t.)

Fair enough.

Do you care about knowing how to give a good cat massage?

See you next week, and I hope some of your dreams come true this weekend!

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9 Responses to Non-Post Post

  1. Potential Substitute says:


    you need some substitute posters to fill in the “can’t do it today” days. I wouldn’t mind reading more of what Ron, Skew or others have to say.

  2. Ben Pratt says:

    Hey, I made your family blog? Awesome. I wore my Kaysville parade tie to class the other day, and my students loved the story of how I got it.

    Cat massage. A clear sign of the times. I personally welcome our new feline overlords.

  3. You’re right. I would say that. But only to conceal from Zack the fact that I’m actually stalking your family blog. Oh my gosh, how do you pack so many laughs into two little paragraphs? Dying over “stand up guy” and the Ben Franklin comment. What cute kids, in all seriousness. Tell Reba if the Ben Franklin’s not cutting it (pun intended) to try the lil’ Russian Dad…I bet it would be adorable. She could get a matching Russian Dad herself. I think you’d find yourself falling even more deeply in love with her. What a treasure that cat video is.

  4. elisabeth says:

    That video would even make awkward people feel awkward. “It’s you, Champ-a-damper. It’s YOU!” Bless you.

  5. Ben Pratt says:

    LOL Danica. Russian Dad lives on in the next generation.

  6. Rebecca Bell says:

    i’ll have you know, danica, that my sister gave amelia a haircut the other day and it is eerily similar to the Russian dad haircut. oh, and christian told me he thinks i kinda have a russian dad haircut right now too. not amused.

  7. Oh dear, Christian. If you think Reba’s cute bob with cute side bangs is a Russian Dad, you obviously need to revisit my horrid blog post. You’d do well to just wipe the Russian Dad phrase from your vocab b/c it doesn’t and will never apply to your beautiful wife (aka lover). She’s the opposite of masculine, refrigerator Russian Dad.

  8. Tyler says:

    “remember, you can’t fool drool.” What? Is that woman trying to tell me that whenever I drool, which I still do periodically, that I am subconciously salivating over something pleasurable and it isn’t just primitivity. Now that’s a funny word.

  9. Christian says:

    I did not tell you you had a Russian dad haircut, Reba. Liars aren’t welcome on the blog. Especially ones with Russian dad haircuts.

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