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Black Sabbath

I’m starting to get a glimpse of the enormous challenge that is effectively teaching and guiding multiple children throughout their different life stages. And my oldest is only 4. As a parent, some of your teaching methodology comes from your … Continue reading

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We Meet Again

After two weeks of ideal fall weather, winter bared its fangs.  So this morning I threw on my coat and hopped into my car, at which point I was reminded of a dilemma that has tortured me for years

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Traveling Companion

Not long ago I was embroiled in a pretty intense, laborious case that kept me working hard and traveling all over the place.  For just a few months, my life was one of those cliches where every airport, car rental … Continue reading

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No Post

My wife and I seem to have been poisoned by bad water in our humidifier last night. No joke. Woke up barely able to breathe and now have the worst flu-like symptoms I remember. Not sure what will happen. Feeling … Continue reading

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Viagra for Sex Offenders

I enjoyed this piece on NPR today.  It’s a little story on the many cookie-cutter ads being run by both parties in competitive races.  They’re using the term ‘cookie-cutter’ to refer to ads that repeat the same lines and tropes … Continue reading

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I have half a post written.  Not going to happen for today – maybe tomorrow.  Sorry, guys.

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Urban Indignities

Have I told you guys before about the complete pit where I work?  It’s not the firm I’m talking about.  The firm is great.  I mean that where I work is an actual pit. My building sits in Salt Lake … Continue reading

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