Mormon Bachelorette

Reba and I have been watching this Mormon Bachelorette thing lately. Apparently this Mormon gal, Aubrey, tried out for the real Bachelor and received a callback, but decided it was a waste of time because she wants to meet and marry a Mormon guy. So she and a few friends started this little Mormon Bachelorette thing where they film a bunch of dudes taking her on dates and then it goes to the next round, and I’m not sure what happens after that. I have three thoughts so far.

1. Kyle (date number 12) is my favorite so far. Great guy. I dare you to absorb that great-natured smile of his and to walk away without a piece of hear heart missing. Go ahead, try. (and it doesn’t hurt that I LOVE that song playing throughout Kyle’s date. Can someone give me the title of that puppy?)

2. I don’t understand who’s filming these dates. The camara man can’t be getting paid, so that means he’s participating in the awfulness that is most first dates, every night, for hours and hours, for free, without any of the potential upside the daters themselves receive for enduring the ritual. And it doesn’t seem like a robot camera man either, because you don’t have the jerky movements or hydraulics noises you get with a robot filming something, so I don’t know.

3. I have a message for the people of Southern California: Stop wearing Ed Hardy gear. T-shirts with skulls and flames and whatever else on them are not cool, unless you’re trying to be funny. They are super, super geeky. T-shirts with skulls on them that cost 60 or more dollars are even geekier.

Anyway, it’s been fun watching the Mormon Bachelorette. Not sure why. Probably because I’m a human and all humans are voyeurs at heart. For those of us who have been married for a few years of more, we’ve forgotten what it’s like to date. We watch NBC’s Bachelor and see that dating is lots of drama and romance and crazy people and cleavage. But you probably don’t remember experiencing those things in your dating life (except the cleavage, for those of you who dated at UVSC. Hey-oh!) But you watch the Mormon Bachelorette and you remember what dating is really all about: Two well-intentioned people sharing five fairly-to-extremely awkward hours together.

Everyone inherits different skills from their parents, right? My folks aren’t great at pranks or auto mechanics or dancing, and they don’t care about being up with the latest Sommerset fashion (Davis learned to dress like a Sommerset prep all on his own, just like Ryan learned to dress like a blind Slovenian orphan all on his own) and they weren’t the best at buying really cool gifts to give our friends at their birthday parties (Calculator. True story; ask Davis), but one of the many things they were/are very good at is making conversation. So at a relatively early age we all (introverts and extroverts alike) learned how to engage people in conversation with some success. So just like the people who are amazed at me for the various ways in which I’m clueless or incompetent, I’m always shocked at how bad people can be at…talking…to other people. This is the first problem with dating. Many people just don’t know how to chat.

The next problem is that most folks accept the convention that a date has to be a four or five hour deal on a weekend night. Or maybe that’s just a Mormon thing, I’m not sure (do we have any non-Mormon readers here? I know of AT LEAST one. If any of you are out there, please tell us if this is just a Mormon thing). You mark off a Friday or Saturday night and do dinner and then do something else for a few hours after dinner. So even for two world-class chatters who hit it off, this is just a painfully long time to make small talk with someone you don’t know (Most of us can’t even talk to someone we DO know that long, unless, you know, you’re both girls). You might both be miserable and would both be thrilled if the other said “You know what, I’m not feeling it with you.” Or “I honestly just have nothing else to say to you for now. How about we call it a night?” but no one is courageous enough do go through with it.

One day, a couple years into my college dating career, I had an epiphany: “I don’t have to do five hour, fifty dollar first dates anymore.” So I did what should have been obvious to me much earlier, and what should be obvious to every other dater: I started doing one-hour dates. I would either do lunch, or I would take them to get hot chocolate or desert somewhere on a school/work night, scheduling the date at 9 pm, which imposed a natural cut-off point an hour or so later. This changed my life. Made dating endurable and even fun. My first date with Reba was a weeknight hot chocolate date. Her belly was warmed by the hot chocolate I paid for with my own money, just as her heart was warmed by my tender, passionate small talk.

Blind dating is an evil empire all on its own, so I think I’m going to  save that for its own post, but oh brother.

So my dating message to the world is three fold.

1. Do hour-long dates.

2. Fellas, whatever you decide to do at the end of the date on the door step will be fine, so long as you execute it with total confidence and jungle-cat efficiency. If you’re a hug guy, then you just go right in there, you give that woman a hug she’ll never forget, then walk away. If you’re a kiss guy or a wave guy, same deal. Don’t stall, just get it done, smile and say “thanks again. I had a great time. Talk to you later.” Then turn around and walk away. But don’t waffle. Don’t do the awkward dance of going in with slow, hesitant movements that are working their way up to a hug or half hug or kiss or whatever; movements which adapt every second depending on your reading of her physical response to your unreadable weirdness. And don’t stand there with your hands in your pockets saying “So, I guess, well…” Take your destiny into your own hands, man! You’re fore fathers conquered land, sea, and space, so start acting like it!

3. Learn to ask people questions about their lives beyond “So what’s your major/job?” If this doesn’t come naturally to you, do what Davis once discovered a roommate doing; write some questions and talking points on a 3×5 card (Another true story. “How many siblings?” “Like your job?” “hobbies?” “War on terror.”). So sad and funny. But so sweet.

I’m glad I’m not dating anymore.

(P.S. if anyone can find and email me the video of Lane’s conversation with his blind date in Better Off Dead so that I can use it in my blind date post, I’ll be in your debt.)

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31 Responses to Mormon Bachelorette

  1. Ryan says:

    Wow, I had no idea this was going on. Crazy crazy. I like that that one date showed up and thought it was a normal date, and then asked why there was a cameraman hanging around. Strange times we live in, friends.

  2. Rebecca Bell says:

    ummm- just for clarification, Christian did NOT pay for our hot chocolate date. some freshman friend of his footed the bill. true story. i loved dating in college. and, some of the most memorable and funny dates were with the most awkward guys.

  3. Layne says:

    blind slovenian orphan. Best line ever!

    I wish I would have known about 1 hour dates. I hated marathon dates! Seriously, how much time can you spend showing off your best side with a stranger?

    I would be remiss if I didn’t say that I went on a marathon first date with Jami (already sorta knew her) and we’ve been married 7 years. So success can start from hour or marathon dates.

  4. Ryan says:

    I agree about marathon dates. They are horrible. My buddies and I once got taken out by several girls that didn’t really have a plan, so they just sort of drove us around to different places following us silently and expecting us to be very entertaining. That date is still known as the eight hour date, and it was horrible.

    On the other hand, my first date with Macy (or was it the second?) ended up basically lasting all night. We did something fun in the evening and ended up at her friend’s house and the four of us had enough fun that we weren’t really conscious of needing to leave or go to sleep or anything. End it all with breakfast at Doug & Emmy’s and it’s a perfect start to a great relationship. Nothing wrong with the marathon if it’s your future wife.

  5. Jeff says:

    I had no clue this was going on either… dating is even awesomer on film than i remember it.

    Also, I went to grade school/JH/HS with Kyle. He is a great guy in person too.

  6. Daniel says:

    You probably have no idea who I am, but these really were just about the best tips ever. My mom told me to come read this…probably not a good thing to admit. I’m fine with small talk, but the hour long date just changed my life. I’m the epitome of mormon dating. Freshman at BYU. Bad news. I’m bringing the one hour dates to WyView.

  7. Wade says:

    I’m still stuck on figuring out the point of that Mormon Bachelorette thing. Is this one of those ideas that starts off sounding good but when you get into it you realize how lame it is but no one has the will to stop it? Is she just fame hungry? Is the joke on me for paying any attention to it? or maybe she is on to something here…

  8. Aubrey says:

    WOW! Loved this post. I wish every bachelor on our “show” would peruse the rules before showing up at my door. 🙂 And…

    1. The song is “Sweet Disposition” by Temper Trap. LOVE IT!

    2. I assure you, the cameraman was elated at the opportunity to be apart of this and volunteered his services on the days he’s not busy filming his show Fact or Faked. Rad kid!

    3. I’m not an Ed Hardy/skull t-shirt kind of girl either. But when it’s on a fine specimen like Bachelor #5 who cares!!! So hot.

    And Wade, I just couldn’t help but stop and take a minute to answer your questions…

    The point is to have fun and be creative about dating! I was tired of sitting at home alone on a Friday night so when my friends volunteered me to be the first MB, I jumped at the opportunity. I assure you I am not an attention seeker. In fact, the original idea for the blog was just that, a blog. No video! But with the public demand, we (meaning I) decided to brave it. So yes, I’ll have to agree with you. I think I’m definitely onto something…something GOOD! Hope you’ll have a change of heart and just enjoy the show!

    Your Truly,

    The Mormon Bachelorette

  9. Wade says:

    Aubrey, I’m a simple guy, really. Anyone who knows me will tell you all you need to do to win me over is put a Pavement song as the background music to your next date video and I’ll be your biggest advocate. You might try “Spit on a Stranger,” “Here,” or “Heaven is a Truck” (trust me), but any song will do.

    Yours Truly,

    Some random poster named Wade

  10. Merri says:

    I haven’t seen the show, but I think you’re on to something. How many first dates have we been on that are excruciatingly painful and you can’t get out of it for two or three or even four hours. An hour(ish) is long enough to know if you want to go out again.

    And definitely yes – whether you’re going to walk away or bust a move, do it with confidence!

  11. Christian says:

    Ryan, I loved that too (date 13). Poor guy. First dates are nerve-wracking enough without strangers with cameras filming you the entire time. He didn’t sign up for that. Actually he did, but then he forgot he signed up for that. But he retaliated masterfully by acing Aubrey with a lightning fast tennis serve. I bet he sent a few the cameraman’s way too. Well played.

    Reba, you’re getting too technical. Yes, technically the shiny $20 bill I used on your hot chocolate came from Courtney Pratt, but, ya, that’s all I have to say.

    Layne and Merri, Marathon dates. are. the. worst. One out of 30 is awesome, but even the ones where you’re way into the person are way too much work. I remember feeling so tired after those dates because I had expended so much social energy/nervousness/effort. They’re exhausting.

    Mom, did I read that right about our perfect little Ryan having a “sleep over” with Macy on their first date? Doesn’t sound very appropriate to me, what about you? I’ll tell you what it sounds like, it sounds a little sensuous for my liking.

    Jeff, Kyle is the man and everyone knows it. Competition over. Pack it in, Ed Hardy. So you actually know Kyle? Any chance of me getting his number, just to congratulate him and hang out and stuff? Does he have best friends already, er? If you don’t have his number but can tell me the general area he lives in and what car he drives that’s cool too. Or where he works. Thanks, dog.

    Daniel, I don’t know who you are, other than that you’re my new favorite person (after Kyle, and Jeff, if he can score Kyle’s digits for me). Your comment made me so happy. I just want to make a difference, that’s all. I want you to keep us posted on the 1 hour dates. You’re going to get all the fly honeys (is that what we’re calling them still? I’ve been out of the game for a bit, homey) with that technique, I’m serious. And thank you for speaking up; we don’t know more than 5% of the people who read this blog, but everyone seems to think they are the only non family/friend who reads because 1. the vast majority don’t comment, and 2. we quickly become acquainted with folks who do comment, and they become family. Our blog family. And no, it’s absolutely not embarrassing that you’re mom told you to read this post. My mom makes me read stuff all the time. Grown ups are so lame.

    Wade, yes the joke is on you, for having the great luck of making that candid comment right before the Mormon Bachelorette saw the blog. lolol. I think we’re all learning I have a knack for bringing out the people I’m posting about. The internet is a small place. Aubrey is a second cousin to the Allens and they told her about the post.

    Aubrey, wow. Just wow. Not since Suzy Allen blessed us with her participation have I been more surprised and pleased by a comment.

    1. Thanks. I’ve listened to it literally 24 times today. Can’t stop.
    2. Not buying it. This is a safe zone (none of your dates are reading this, although I wish Kyle was. Sometimes I feel like we don’t even exist to Kyle), so let’s get down to business. Your camera man has to have an ulterior motive. Either he’s crushing on you and is using this to spend more time around you (We’ve noticed a disproportionate amount of long backside shots where he cuts the dude out, so that’s kind of weird) or he just loves everything about first dates, a condition psychologists call “psychopathy.”

    3. You passed the Ed Hardy litmus test. And I admit that Matt is basically a total hunk. Still doesn’t excuse him though. Can President Obama stab someone in the kidney just because he’s president? Of course he can’t. I don’t care if Brad Pitt starts wearing Ed Hardy, I’m not going, ok I actually would wear it if BP did, but that’s it.

    Anyway, you’re a great sport and it was very cool of you to show up. We’re loving the show (tell Peter B. high for me) and want an invitation to yours and Kyle’s wedding. (I’ve heard I might be his best man, but honestly who knows at this point. I just want whatever makes him happy.)

  12. Dying. Christian has the ability to bring post subjects from all over the universe here to discuss things. It’s awesome. I hadn’t heard of the MB, but I watched all the dates and thought it was pretty cute. She’s super brave to do it all on video…she’s very good at awkward situations and seems down to earth. Rick Buck looked familiar to me until I realized he’s from right where we grew up and Zack’ knows him. He also went to dental school with Zack’s brother. Funny what a small world Mormonland is. And how compelled I just was to include name dropping in this comment. Daaaaang, Danica! You (kinda) know Bukkman? Daaaaang.

    Loved the Hey-oh! and the fact that you didn’t actually pay for your first date with Reba but have confidently changed the facts around in your head somehow. I definitely second the doorstep advice. And one-hour dates are pretty ingenious.

  13. Shauna says:

    Kook, did you know Aubrey is a friend of mine? If you think the show is dumb, we can talk about via email behind her back (now that i know shes reading this blog its not longer a safe zone).

    My thoughts on it are this…At first i was like uhhh no. This is weird and wrong and in no way could this work. Why would any normal single guy that anyone would want to date, apply, be videotaped in an interview, and then plan and pay to take someone out that they dont know, just to be seen by whoever wants to see it on a blog? Sometimes i still think that, but then i watch these videos, and i talk to Aubs after the dates and it seems like most of the guys are totally normal and pretty into her. Shes having fun and it has to be a major ego boost that these guys went to all that work and possible embarrasment to take her out. Regardless, i wish it was 100 dates because its really entertaining to watch guys serenading her, taking her to the grossest places to eat, and rollerblading, all while wearing a leather jacket that reads AFFLICTION on the back in old english.

    Watch, she will totally marry one of these dudes and i will still be single.

  14. Christian says:

    Shauna! I did know you were friends (your blog is how Reba and I found out about the miss MB), but I had no idea if you ever checked in on DDDT anymore, because you’re a creepy lurker I guess.

    Do you know what the only style in the whole world that I love more than Ed Hardy right now? MMA gear (Affliction, TapOut, etc). I’ll tell you who wouldn’t be caught dead in either type of gear though. Kyle, that’s who.

  15. Kim says:

    This is the first time I have read your blog and found it hilarious and I agree with your one-hour date idea. Ingenious. However, I disagree with blind dates being evil. Hubby and I are proof that blind dates work (sometimes) and that was 13 years ago. Of course, I did preface that date by clearing the air and making some rules: No roses; don’t call me twice in one week; and well basically I’m not interested in going out in the first place. Just made him want me more. 🙂

    And Kyle was by far my favorite too. He’s my baby brother!

  16. Zack says:

    Oooohhhhh, the cats out of the bag. Christian was a total nerd in high school! NEEEEEEERRRRRRRD! I knew it. You’re the kind of kid me and my jock buddies would go around and throw in the trash can. I bet you wore fake polo shirts and hiked up shorts, while me and my sk8er friends wore button up dragon flame shirts with JNCO jeans-pockets so big I could throw my sk8board in the back. I’m glad Ed Hardy is keeping skullz n’ flamez alive and fashionable at a reasonable price…

  17. Amy M says:

    Ok this is DDDT at it’s best! The weekend athon dates are a total Mormon thing. I’m a convert and went to BYU after being a member for 4 months and being raised by hippie awesome parents in Cali as an only child. My first byu date was a picnic, frisbee golf, a small plane ride over Provo/Orem and a hike to the Y. First date! All I kept saying after every date was “doesn’t anybody just go to the movies? Or go grab a coke (since a beer was out)? Thankfully my best friend who baptized me got home from his mission eventually and married me. We are catching a flick tonight in fact. And it will be followed by no hiking or airplanes! One hour dates! Way to go! I recommend meeting for a soda and appetizers. Hot chocolate is a little nerdy. Then, if things are just going awesome, you can be all “hey… Want to grab a table and eat?”. And there’s no doorstep moment if youeet there. Sorry for the hot chocolate nerdy comment. I am happy it worked for you guys.

  18. Shauna says:

    Christian, I am not a regular, because sometimes the posts here are a little too wordy for my schedule…but everytime I do end up reading, i usually go back and read a few back posts that i’ve missed and always get a good laugh.

    Did you watch last nights date? I sort of think shes going to marry that guy and then i think i should just marry Kyle.

  19. Megan says:

    1. This comment section is gold.

    2. Is that lame if I adapt the 3×5 card idea? I’m never capable of thinking of good questions in the moment … I dunno, I just freeze.

  20. Ben Pratt says:

    LOL robot camera man. I could write a whole guest post on those hydraulic noises.

    Kook, most bloggers interview their subjects BEFORE the report is posted, but your approach seems to be working pretty well so far. Now that your subject-beckoning super powers are manifesting, your next two posts should be about Lee Harvey Oswald and Socrates.

    I love the hour dates idea. It’s even good advice for married men. Gentlemen, your wives don’t necessarily want to drive for an hour each way to attend that three-hour sports contest, but they sure love to have you alone in the car for the two hours to talk to you about stuff that isn’t small talk. So plan an hour of activity and schedule three hours of the babysitter (or dogsitter, er…?).

  21. Christian says:

    KIM!!! Thanks for stopping by! You met your hubby on a blind date? Good for you. Those stories give all the daters out there more hope than you know. Tell Kyle hi and to call me whenever he can (do you know if he even reads the blog? I don’t know, whatever. I know he’s super busy).

    Zach, I haven’t been called a nerd since those jerk high school kids attacked me and my club with paintballs during our Civil War reenactment two months ago. Josiah was saying if we would have had real bullets they would have really regretted their rascal, poltroon acts, and he’s right. And JNCO jeans are always in style.

    Amy, thanks for the outside scoop about marathon dates being a Mormon thing. Why are we like that? And never apologize for anything you say here. Remember this is a safe zone and we need to know the real story, because we are real journalists. And I see your point about the hot chocolate thing being kind of a nerdy let’s try to be creative and silly BYU thing. I was thinking it was the equivelant of the non-Mormon “Let’s go grab a drink” or “Let’s go grab a cup of coffee together.” And if it helps, we were actually going to a Starbucks type place, not to an apartment where you warm up some hot chocolate. The appetizers and soda could work, but I see 2 potential problems (Daniel, are you listening? Daniel’s Mom, can you call down the hall and send him back here please? Thanks!). The first is that I think some girls would perceive it as cheap and weird doing something like that during dinner time at a restaurant without the dude actually buying them dinner. The second, and this is crucial, is there isn’t a pre-determined cut off point. This is a big deal and the biggest problem with dates. If there is a pre-determined cut off point that you are both expecting, then it’s not awkward to suggest the date is over. This is what lunch or a 9 pm thing on a school/work night accomplishes.

    Shauna, the posts are too wordy for everyone’s schedule, including ours. But we all make sacrifices…

    Megan, not at all lame. In fact, I’m going to help you come up with some questions right now. Just print these off, and take them on your next date. It’s best you don’t read them now because it needs to seem spontaneous when you say them on your date, so just hit “print” and keep it in your purse.

    1. Ever been to Lagoon?
    2. Lagoon is the best.
    3. Favorite sharkweek episode?
    4. I like the one where the tarzan speedo guy with long hair hitched a ride on the Great Hammerhead’s Dorsal fin.
    5. Do you like Dungeons and Dragons?
    6. Me too. I’m a 5th level Grand Wizard Elven Maid of the Forge.

    These questions/topics should have lasted you 4-5 hours. Hope it worked!

    Ben, lol to the dogsitter. Nailed it. It’s important that Davis and Melissa get away from Lyla and have Mommy and Daddy time, just like the rest of us.
    Interviewing the subject BEFORE the post. lol. Not my style dog, not my style.

  22. Christian says:

    MB update!

    Sparks were flying everywhere between Aubrey and date # 16! A lot of people are already cheering for Dane, but I’m not quite on board yet. He’s a bit handsy. But his try out video (found between dates 12 and 13) did have a few funny parts (I liked the truck/bike bait and switch. Funny). There’s just something I still need convincing on.

    Date #17: I liked David a lot. And I hope all the daters reading this will watch his end of date doorstep scene. Picture perfect. Funny, fast, confident. “Get in there!” said in a mock Micheal Scott way. Good form, David.

    Erin Elton, we are having a MAJOR problem with the playlist player blocking half of the first two paragraphs on the MB site!!! Can someone fix that ASAP!!!

  23. Lindsey says:

    Christian- I need to watch these dates. Did I miss how to do that????

    I had one of the most fabulous blind dates ever….that convinced me to never date again. From then on, I just told a guy he was my new boyfriend and needed to deal with it. Worked for me. Then we could just move immediately to the ‘hanging out at home and snuggling on the couch with a vhs rental’ portion of our relationship with no stress. Long big money dates didn’t happen until he had passed the week long boyfriend test. But I do REEEEAAAALLY love your 1 hr idea. You have so much genius inside of you. I’m linking this on my fbook page.

  24. Christian says:

    Lindsey, I always wanted to do that. Wanted to just say “let’s just skip the first couple weeks and see if it works.”

    My sister told me the videos aren’t working for her either, not sure why. They work for me.

    Erin Elton, we need some help over here!?!

  25. StefStar says:

    Loved this post!
    I was once asked out by a guy on a week when I was legitimately really busy. He seemed pretty set on that particular week, so I told him I had some time on Friday night and we could just do dinner. He replied “I’m not that excited about paying for your dinner so you can go hang out with your friends afterward.”
    I guess some people really like marathon dates and those people should not date me.

    PS The Mormon Bachelorette is in my ward. AND I have a connection to Kyle, if you want me to try and work that for you…

  26. Mary says:

    LOVED this post.

    a few thoughts….
    1) one of the reasons that the real Bachelorette works is because it is not shown in real time. I think this show may get a little tricky as it gets popular because that cute girl will be hearing from every random person her suitors have ever met with stories about how they once dressed as a girl for Halloween or almost got kicked out of BYU for streaking. (or was that one of your brothers?)
    2) My friend Chelsae’s sister just posted something kinda similar on her blog. One night when her home teacher was leaving, he said, “is there anything I can do for you?” and she responded in jest, “yeah, get me a boyfriend.” The next night he announced that he had set up 7 dates for the next 7 nights. She blogged about them every night. The last night, (straight out of a movie), the #7 guy cancelled due to work, but the home teacher shows up in his place and now they are engaged! OK, just kidding about the last part, but it sounds good. read more here…..
    3)I vote Ron as the next Mormon Bachelor.

  27. Aubrey says:

    Hey Mary…just saw your comment and thought I should make sure everyone knows this is indeed in REAL TIME!!! I go on a date, come home, edit, blog, and its up the next morning!!! 🙂

    I’m about to go on Date #19 which will be up and ready for viewing by 8am tomorrow morning. Hope everyone’s enjoying the LIVE journey!


    The Mormon Bachelorette

  28. Christian says:

    Stefstar, that is really funny (I know using “really” directly in front of an adjective like that isn’t really correct, but to say “that is very funny” makes one sound like one is a foreigner who speaks excellent english as a second language.) he said that. I don’t know what’s wrong with people. Although if you think about it, his logic does have a certain cogency to it. No matter what he does or pays for, you’re just going to go do other things at some point afterward, so why was he even wasting his time on you in the first place? Hmm?

    “I”m not going to take you to dinner and movie, just so you can hang out with your friends the next day!”

    “I’m not going to marry you and work to support you for the next 50 years, just so the day I die at 76 you can hang out with your family and friends that evening after the funeral.”

    Mary, it was Davis who was busted for streaking at BYU. And they call me The Kook. Sheesh. I checked out Chelsea’s sister’s blog. That’s a great home teacher right there. I wonder if my home teachee’s wife would be bugged if I did that for him. Nothing serious or inappropriate, of course. Just a chance to get him out of the monotony of home life and out doing fun activities with a few single sisters I know who I think he might have some common interests with.

    Aubrey, I’m glad you’re back because we need to talk. I feel like you’re moving further and further down the track on the Dane Train, and that you’re not very concerned about OUR feelings on the matter. Ok, that’s unfair, because I know you really do care about our feelings on this, but sometimes, I don’t know, sometimes I just feel like maybe if we all want something for you (Kyle/David) but you want something else (Dane) that you’ll hear us out but in the end you’re just going to choose what you want anyway. Does that make sense? I don’t know, it sounds crazy now that I say it, but I think you know what I mean. Just keep an open mind, that’s all I’m saying. We’re willing to give Dane a chance and have hired 4 private investigators to do just that.

    Other thoughts:

    1. It’s unbelievable that you are holding up so well doing these dates Every. Single. Night. That’s seriously impressive. I get tired just thinking of all that small talk night after night after night.
    2. My wife is loving your wardrobe so far. High marks. You’re like the Jillian of Mormon Bachelorettes.
    3. The women shopping while the men are at Priesthood Session is a tradition down there?!? Um, we might want to keep that one on the dl for a little while. Here in Utah, it’s a tradition for the women to feed and clothe orphans while the men are at the Priesthood Session. Not better or worse. Just different.
    4. Go back and watch the first 20 seconds and last 10 seconds of David’s date. So funny. Love that guy.

  29. Aubrey says:

    Yup! Still here! Glad to see your post has spurned such a large response from “the community.”

    So yes, let’s talk! Why is everyone so convinced I’m on the “Dane Train.” I assure you I am VERY well aware of ALL the amazing Bachelors I’ve been going out with (and have yet to go out with) and could very well be feeling something for a guy(s) OTHER than Dane. Shocking, I know! I’m sure the 2nd dates will reveal much, much more….

    Now let’s get to your “other thoughts:”

    1. I appreciate the sincere compliments! It’s certainly no easy task going out on these dates day in and day out. I know most people already know this, but I work 2 jobs, have 4 callings, a house to keep clean, laundry that’s piling up by the minute and somewhere in there I have to find time to go on these [sometimes marathon] dates, edit the videos, blog about them, and catch maybe a good 3-4 hrs of sleep. So thank you for noticing the hard work and dedication I’m putting into this. When I do something I like to do it well or not at all!

    2. Thank you to your beautiful wife! I look up to Jillian with the greatest of admirations. I would say I dress to impress, but really, I just do it for me. 🙂

    3. I need to apologize to panicked men everywhere. This one came off wrong. It’s not A tradition, it’s MY tradition. Some women go out to dinner, some get mani/pedis and some “feed and clothe orphans.” Me? I shop. Please refer back to response for #2 if you are still having trouble understanding. 🙂

    4. David is indeed super funny. Great guy! Great heart! Loved our date together.

    Anything else??? I’m quite enjoying this….

  30. Christian says:

    Ok, good answers. And don’t forget I’m the one who coined “Dane Train.” Others might think you’re on the Dane Train, but I’m the first one to actually call it the Dane Train, so.

  31. Tuck says:

    They say “If you can not say anything good about someone you should keep your mouth shut. Seems like you have nothing good to say and are very boringly long winded. God Bless your partner if anyone can put up with you.

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