Call for Submissions: TieBreakers

Remember our excellent series of Tiebreakers posts?  You know, where you submit your intractable dispute with your significant other to DDDT’s judicious and sagacious tiebreakers to arbitrate the dispute?  Well, we should really do that more, you know?

We thought we’d just put out a reminder that we’d love to get your submissions.  Every person reading this, who has a significant other, has a dispute with that significant other wherein both combatants are absolutely certain they are right, and would be proved right if a neutral outsider were ever permitted to decide the question.  Can’t picture what it would look like if you made a submission?  It would look like this.  And this.  But way more fun.  This post provides more background on what we’re going for here.

Anyway, now that we’re all friends, it would be a little mean of you to deny us the fun of crowdsourcing your personal arguments.  Write it down and send it in and we’ll all be better friends because of it.  Thanks, people.

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1 Response to Call for Submissions: TieBreakers

  1. Wm Smerdon says:

    Immediately after the launch of her primary group of dates in the British isles, Britney has confirmed unparalleled interest for seats. She will likely be performing twenty one of her smash hits and this includes 2 surprise tunes

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