Seen Around Town

Some random photos of enjoyable stuff I see around town:

Salt Lakers will recognize this one.  This place used to be an ice cream place.  Now it’s a sandwich place.  But it would be too much of a pain to just take down the huge rotating ice cream cone.  Next best solution?  Just paint it black.  No one will see it then.  “What ice cream cone?  No, really, what are you even talking about?  All I see out there is our Jimmy John’s sign.  What?  No.  That?  No, maybe that’s some sort of black cloud over there.  No.  I do not see an ice cream cone.  Whatever it is, it is devoid of all color, so it’s definitely not ice cream.  Pretty sure it’s nothing.”

You know, these questions about some random floating ice cream cone are starting to get really old.   Maybe you’re the one that’s crazy.

This is a car that parks in my office lot.  Not sure a lot of commentary is necessary here.  Just that this is obviously a very, very happy couple who really loves their happy, energetic brood, of two dogs, four cats, and three birds.  Except when Sassy and Gus are fighting (middle children!).  And when no one understands when they talk about their kids.  Regardless, it’s a family to be proud of, and one to show off to everyone that you’re driving in front of.

Taffy Town.  The brightly lit, fun colored sign says “Hey Kids!  Come on in! We’re a crazy place where fun is happening!!*”

“*Birds, if you touch our sign, we will stab you til you die.”

The GapKids seasonal marketing theme: WANT


“Well, we’ve exhausted every possible secular quasi-virtue that one could associate with Christmas now.  Joy, Peace, Love, Family- they pretty much all suggest something on the yucky Christian side of Christmas, and none of them seem to pop off the store shelf.  What about if we just dispense with trying to deal with virtues or Christmas or even vaguely holiday cheer at all, in fact, just stop trying to disguise our motives at all?  What if we just have big block letters commanding shoppers to desire our mass-produced middling-quality products, as if that is the real reason for this holiday that we depend so much upon but do not believe in and don’t really understand?  And maybe we make it Christmasy by puting some sparkly coating on the command?  Love it.”

In the GapKids store it was a crass commercial message.  Pretty sure that by taking pictures of it, I turned it, I deconstructed and turned it into art.  Sort of cool.

Making me reminisce about the strong presence of Western Family in my childhood home, Macy brought home the Western Family knockoff of Life Cereal the other day.  It is called “goodchoice.” For the first day, the kids woke up and asked for Life.  But I jokingly told them that this is called goodchoice.  Now, for the last week, the kids wake up and ask me for goodchoice.  Molly carried around a little baggie of goodchoice Sunday afternoon, and then came in to report that she had spilled her goodchoice.  Props to Western Family for not trying too hard to ape the actual name of the cereal they’re copying.  And huge props to Western Family for putting such an awesome name on cereal.  We’ve honestly had a lot of fun this week mentioning our goodchoice in lots of interesting circumstances.  In fact, I’m getting hungry for some goodchoice right now.

And finally, getting close to Sunset on Thanksgiving.  Hope everyone’s enjoying the season.  Let me end with the text of Jack and Avery Donagee’s Christmas Card this year:  “Happy Holidays! . . (open card) . . . is what terrorists say.  Merry Christmas.”

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11 Responses to Seen Around Town

  1. Davis says:

    I wish I’d taken pictures of all the English-named products in Asia. My favorite was a cookie called “Mother’s Finger.”

  2. Mollie says:

    Maybe the Gap means “want” in the sense of “neediness” or “poverty”? At this special time of year, the Gap welcomes your dollars but reminds you that much of the world lives in a state of extreme want. Happy Holidays!

    What would “goodchoice” be called if the company HAD tried to ape the name of the original? “Existence,” maybe. “Being.”

  3. Ryan says:

    Mollie, I wondered that too. Maybe we’re supposed to think of all of the want in the world, and that will make us feel so lucky and rich that we’ll buy more stuff. Wouldn’t be the stupidest marketing strategy I’ve ever heard of. I think the appropriate name for a knockoff of Life would be Ennui.

    Davis, those Mother Fingers look so good. Especially in the school zone.

  4. Davis says:

    Two more thoughts:

    1. I’m not a demolitions expert specializing in the removal of dessert-shaped signs, but it seems like it would be just about as easy to remove it as it would be to spray paint it black, no?

    2. Seems pretty clear DDDT readers/commenters are pretty well-trained not to look for posts on a Tuesday, no?

  5. Ryan says:

    Yup. Problem is, lately, law firm Partners are trained to look for briefs on a Monday. So Tuesdays are decent.

  6. Troy says:

    Genius, loved this post Ry. The Jimmy John’s on 4th South is hilarious and I’m glad someone finally vindicated my thoughts on that.

    Plus, that Taffy Town sign I’ve seen, too. It’s in kind of a rough area of town, and it looks like freakin Disneyland. What is that place? So random.

  7. Norm says:

    This was one of those, “Hey Amber, you gotta come see these pics” posts.

  8. Andrea W. says:

    I had not seen that jimmy johns black ice cream cone. That is hilarious and yes, surely they could have lopped that off fairly easily? Perhaps they felt it an important landmark they just didn’t want to face public outrage? What? Wierd! Funny stuff!

  9. Christian says:

    Wow, that Jimmy John’s sign is seriously awesome. I love stuff like that. I don’t get it. All it takes is a guy with a grinder 20 minutes and you have a sandwich shop sign without a big black ice cream cone on it.

    Love Goodchoice too. I want some Goodchoice.

  10. Erin says:

    Hey, great post. So sad for the gap kids want. Yuck. But a possibilty on the ice cream cone could be some sort of historic district. Dunno?

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