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Songs about Freedom and Dreams

I remember playing soccer on a grass field scarred by big dirt potholes at Knowlton Elementary School one day during recess, when suddenly the game was interrupted by a bunch of classmates running onto the field and being surrounded by … Continue reading

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Welcome back. No this isn’t Ryan, it’s your old friend Kook. We’re changing our post order. We’ve narrowed down the finalists for the new slogan which will advertise the change and drum up some major press. Here are the options … Continue reading

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Christmas Break

Since D3T follows the public school schedule (for tax reasons), we’re taking the next couple of weeks off for the Holidays. See you back here in January. Meeeeeeerrrrryyyyyy Christmas, beautiful Bedford Falls!!!!!

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Guest Post: The Bum’s Crevasse

Christian here; first a bit of house keeping. One of our regular commenters told me recently that lately our site rejects all his comments automatically. Is this happening to anyone else (I’m not talking about some comments going into moderation … Continue reading

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Fruitflies and Prozac

I remember when I was 12 or so a teenaged Ryan complaining to my Dad at the dinner table that it depressed him when Dad wore only plain white under-shirts with no shirt on top of it, one of which … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Mo Daters, Mo Problems

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Stand by

I’m stepping onto a flight, but when I land I’ll put up today’s guest post.

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