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Exciting News!

Gentle Reader, We want to announce some exciting changes here at DDDT. We get a lot of reader mail, and one theme we’ve heard repeated over and over again has been: Why do you guys post on a fixed schedule? … Continue reading

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The Boxer(s)

(Note: Yes, this is a re-run. Leave me alone.) When I was a sophomore in high school, I had a class with a girl who I will call Jen Carter. Jen was one grade above me in school, and six … Continue reading

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Viva La Freedom! Vivan Los Tigres!

(In case you weren’t looking because it was a Tuesday, Ryan posted yesterday here.) I have a friend who, upon discovering something great – a movie, a restaurant – simply will not rest until you too have tried that same … Continue reading

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It’s The Little Things

I’m currently in Seoul, South Korea, on the tail end of a three-week trip. Melissa and I spent two wonderful weeks in Thailand and Cambodia on a long-planned frequent flier mile cash-in bonanza, followed by a trip to South Korea … Continue reading

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Cars Are Cars. All Over The World.

I am 33 years old, and I just bought my first and second car.  Having a car is awesome.

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There Is Nothing That The Road Cannot Heal

Air travel is a strange thing.  You step on the airplane in place A, buckle up, consider buying a $60,000 lava lamp water bed from Sky Mall, drink a ginger ale, and step off in place Z.  How you get … Continue reading

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Sorry, folks.  Not happening today.  BUT.  I do have one for next week.  Probably.

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