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You know what’s horrible?  When you hate something, and it turns out everyone else loves it.  You know what my daughter Lucy hates?  Oh, just hamburgers, pizza, chocolate chips, and M&M’s.  If I weren’t her deeply sympathetic and loving parent, … Continue reading

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Seen Around Town

Some random photos of enjoyable stuff I see around town: Salt Lakers will recognize this one.  This place used to be an ice cream place.  Now it’s a sandwich place.  But it would be too much of a pain to … Continue reading

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The Ghost of Christmas Awful

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My Horchata Romance

Meet Cute We were introduced by a mutual friend, a buddy of mine who knew her from his days on the Mexican border.  We sat down in a dirty Mexican hole in the wall in (of all places) Provo, Utah, … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

DDDT is off this week.  Everyone have a great Thanksgiving.

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We’ve been having a little problem with Lucy, our boisterous six year old middle child.  She has stumbled on the joy of scaring people.  Peaceful Sunday afternoons and late weeknights after bedtime are often punctuated by the sounds of a … Continue reading

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The Metaphysics of Conceptual Sponsorship

Remember years and years ago, after the Internet had established its place firmly in our lives, and irony was taking hold across the world, when that one guy got his well-earned 15 minutes by selling ad space on his forehead … Continue reading

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