river crossing (2)

“Christian: Scholar, gentleman, man of action” (Teen GQ, Utah edition, 1996)

If Ryan’s a genius and Davis is so hilarious, what does this clown bring to the blog, you ask? First of all, neither of those guys are as great as they would have you believe. Second, I bring a lot of things. Just off the top of my head I can think of my shark knowledge, river swimming skills, experience living in 4 different states, and a belief in the story-telling power of dance.

I grew up in Farmington, Utah, reached the social peak of my life in the sixth grade at Knowlton Elementary, then took a decent hit to my popularity at Farmington Junior High by my mom showing up at school on more than one occasion in white parachute pants and sweat tops (not “sweet tops”, but “sweat tops”. The thing that 7 yr old boys and homeless people wear), had such poor academic performance at Davis High that my parents tried to convince me that high school wasn’t for everyone and that people like me often did better at Davis Applied Technical College where my mustachioed associates were finding their vocational voices, felt very proud of myself for being accepted into Weber State University before a smug bubble burster in my family told me what “open enrollment” meant, did an LDS mission in Charlotte NC, transferred to BYU where I met my wife at Club Tan (no, I wasn’t tanning. Long story), studied history and business, moved to Southern California for a year, then to New Mexico, then back to Utah, where I work in franchise private equity and consulting.

The wife and I have 2 kids, Oliver and Amelia. I love playing with my kids, long boarding, swimming, reading, movies, etc.

FYI, some people call me Kook and others call me Sharkman (to be honest, I made this nickname up for myself), so now you know who’s being talked about if you see either of those fun names on the blog.


6 Responses to Christian

  1. Davis says:

    Love the action shot, Kook. You pointing to the burning building from which you’re about to extract a group of orphans?

  2. Christian says:

    Well, I think it’s clear we aren’t going to get any female readers with yours and Ry’s photos, so I’m doing what I can. I might have to do a shirtless one to pick up the slack.

  3. Davis says:

    “See that camera there, Oliver? That’s why I’m making this face.”

  4. Cori Connors says:

    Well, I’m a female reader and all the lovely photographic portriature has won me over!
    Keep a’goin’, fellas!

  5. Rachel says:

    Does your mom read this blog? How do you sleep at night whilst blaming her for all of your middle school troubles? Sheesh.

  6. MMB says:

    You guys are hysterical!

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