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Traveling Companion

Not long ago I was embroiled in a pretty intense, laborious case that kept me working hard and traveling all over the place.  For just a few months, my life was one of those cliches where every airport, car rental … Continue reading

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Liability Ruins Everything

Liability ruins everything.  If you’re doing something really, really fun, chances are it’s because the person responsible didn’t think very hard about his liability.  That’s how my local church group took the local young men down to someone’s farm and … Continue reading

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The Bee Warrior: The Battle of San Lorenzo

Part I here. One summer during college, back when Davis, a.k.a. “Gordon Gecko,” still tried to get ladies by posing as a do-gooder, he convinced me to spend a summer in Honduras, do-gooding.  We landed in post-Hurricane Mitch Tegucigalpa, picked … Continue reading

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Security Professionals

“but of course only the full system is going to stop those committed criminals. And that’s the only way to get the free key fob too, but I don’t know if you’re the type of person who uses a set of keys . . .” Continue reading

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