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The Metaphysics of Conceptual Sponsorship

Remember years and years ago, after the Internet had established its place firmly in our lives, and irony was taking hold across the world, when that one guy got his well-earned 15 minutes by selling ad space on his forehead … Continue reading

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Flavor Explosion!!!

The good folks at Frito-Lay first got my attention with this commercial: What that is is a commercial for a bag of corn chips sprinkled with flavor powder.  Well, plus a paean to the sexy classy party-all-night-lifestyle that most DDDT … Continue reading

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Our Town

But as a kid, downtown had a darker visage. Those little old houses were the dwellings of mean, tough, lower-middle class kids who had rat tails, bad teeth, Def Leopard shirts, and cut-off Levi shorts. Continue reading

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First Rule of Fight Club

The only rule at dddt IS THAT THERE ARE NO RULES, GRANDMA!

“But Sharkman, isn’t it a rule that every post has to be a 17 page essay from nerdville jr. high?” Continue reading

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“I’m embarrassed to admit that I actually buy things from the J. Crew catalog in an attempt to make my world become more like the world depicted in the catalog. ‘You know what? I bet buying that sweater would make me feel a little more like I’m a dishevelledly handsome guy in a tweed sport coat writing a novel on a vintage typewriter in a cabin in Maine during the winter.'” Continue reading

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The Jewelry Commercials of 2009: A Retrospective

“Jewelry commercials are a genre, an art form, biting social commentary, and televised female crack cocaine, all at the same time. I love them.” Continue reading

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