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First Rule of Fight Club

The only rule at dddt IS THAT THERE ARE NO RULES, GRANDMA!

“But Sharkman, isn’t it a rule that every post has to be a 17 page essay from nerdville jr. high?” Continue reading

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Rumble in the Jungle

This is the best animal battle ever recorded (trust me, I’ve seen all of them). Some of you may have seen this. The rest of you need to.

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Friday Fun Video Time!

“Twilight-related jokes at this point in the game are generally pretty Jay Leno-y. (‘You want to see bloodsuckers? I’ll save you the $9 and drive you to my lawyer’s office!!’)” Continue reading

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Personality Test

“So maybe laughing at bloopers isn’t the most sophisticated thing in the world to do. Congratulations. You’re more sophisticated than everyone else. I hope sophisticated makes sure to show up at your housewarming party, because no one else will.” Continue reading

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