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Business School, Lesson 3

The next piece of the puzzle is figuring out who we are selling to, which is called Demographics. It’s a big word and if you have a hard time remembering it think of your favorite horror movie (your favorite “GRAPHIC” “DEMOn” movie) and you’re good to go. Continue reading

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Free the Candy

Valentine’s Day approaches. For women, this means that men will give them cupcakes or jewels or even a rose cleverly encapsulated within a blown-up balloon, if they’re my 10th grade girlfriend. For me, it means that the secretaries have begun … Continue reading

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Business School, Lesson 2

Step 6 is the dreaded P word; PRODUCT! “But Christian, it’s HARD to come up with a product!” I know it is, but think about it, if you want your business to stick like “PROfessional” “DUCT” tape, you need a “PRODUCT”. Continue reading

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