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We’ve been having a little problem with Lucy, our boisterous six year old middle child.  She has stumbled on the joy of scaring people.  Peaceful Sunday afternoons and late weeknights after bedtime are often punctuated by the sounds of a … Continue reading

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The Root Beer Legacy

The Bells haven’t had a lot to hand down through the generations.  My inheritance from my paternal grandparents consisted of a handful of miscellaneous items whose value is purely sentimental- a swiss army knife, a canteen, a hatchet, all probably … Continue reading

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The Peculiar Mormon Art of the Road Show

I walked across the street to grab some lunch at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building the other day (having received a 50 dollar gift card for Temple Square restaurants from my office building’s management company after spending an hour stuck … Continue reading

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Machines and Machinations

After a few frustrated questions, and a few innocent, baffled answers, he was down in the gutter tipping the lawn mower over to drain the tank, and I was in on the couch watching Greatest American Hero. Continue reading

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Animal Kingdom

When I was four, my family moved to Farmington, Utah. Nowadays, there’s not a lot of farm left, but back then, the name was apt. Our ‘bench,’ as it was called, was built on the foothills of the Wasatch mountains, … Continue reading

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When a lady church leader saw us coming down the hall and said “Hey, look at those Cooool Duuuudes!” I wanted to abandon Dude forever. Continue reading

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The Allens

I think I was in 7th grade when a new family moved into the house down the street: The Allens. Remember the “One of these things is not like the other ones” song on Sesame Street? That’s what comes to … Continue reading

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