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The Jewelry Commercials of 2009: A Retrospective

“Jewelry commercials are a genre, an art form, biting social commentary, and televised female crack cocaine, all at the same time. I love them.” Continue reading

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Searchable You

I love a good web search.  I don’t mean a search that brings good results, I mean a good search query, one that gives you a good look into the soul of the searcher.  That’s what is so great about … Continue reading

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Just the Animal Facts, Ma’am

“‘If you were plotting to kill me, you could just put a big black bomb like you see in cartoons on my doorstep with a note that says, “Light this if you want to hear some awesome animal facts.’” Continue reading

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Like Peaches and Cream

“Assuming this page wasn’t created by Big Nacho interests, the person behind this Wikipedia entry went to all this effort just because he or she really loves nachos and wants people to know more about them. I find that equal parts adorable and heartbreaking.” Continue reading

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