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We’ve been having a little problem with Lucy, our boisterous six year old middle child.  She has stumbled on the joy of scaring people.  Peaceful Sunday afternoons and late weeknights after bedtime are often punctuated by the sounds of a … Continue reading

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A Hero Lies in You

Everyone loves to be a hero.  Those of us who really are heroes love it just as much, but we don’t make as big a deal out of it as normal people do.  Last week the whole family was at … Continue reading

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I’m Feeling Very Hypothetically Emotional Right Now

My wife Macy is not a very emotional person. This is a great benefit to me, because I’m not too emotional myself, and I sometimes have a hard time dealing with people who are on the more emotional side. I … Continue reading

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Tiebreakers: The Case of the Law Firm Trick-or-Treat

“Every smart parent operates by one simple rule: To me, my kids are heaven’s own cherubs; to most other adults, they are just one level above germ-spreading vermin.” Continue reading

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Words From the Sage

“Before that night was over, my temple recommend had been passed around the table for careful examination by eight inebriated, indelicate strangers.” Continue reading

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