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My Horchata Romance

Meet Cute We were introduced by a mutual friend, a buddy of mine who knew her from his days on the Mexican border.  We sat down in a dirty Mexican hole in the wall in (of all places) Provo, Utah, … Continue reading

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The Beatles Phase

Nor did I ever indulge in drawn out daydreams in which I was called upon to sing backup vocals for every song on Rubber Soul, or to mediate a peace between Paul and Yoko. Continue reading

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The Jewelry Commercials of 2009: A Retrospective

“Jewelry commercials are a genre, an art form, biting social commentary, and televised female crack cocaine, all at the same time. I love them.” Continue reading

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You: An Army of None

“You can tell if you are in Group 1 by A. Inspecting your pecs, and B. Remembering if you have recently killed or are currently killing a few hundred AK-47-wielding bearded people in the Middle East with your bare hands. As to the second and third groups; here’s how to tell which one you belong to:” Continue reading

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Something To Consider

“Unfortunately, these humans aren’t around to give us their stories, and missing those stories leaves me with a hole in my heart.” Continue reading

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