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Welcome to August

One of the more significant crutches of my frail psychology is my desperate need to always have some near-future event that I’m looking forward to.  A break from work- whether for a vacation or a holiday, extended visits from relatives, … Continue reading

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Pop Heroes and Betrayal

Hero worship doesn’t come easy to me.  Even for the celebrities that seem to rule our world now.  If you dig down deep inside the minds of my co-bloggers here, and keep digging, past the hip buzzwords and pseudo-intellectual pedantry, … Continue reading

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Energy Crisis 2.0

I know it’s all bad news lately, so I hate to add to all of the nattering. But it appears to me that things are worse than we are giving them credit for. You may have heard about the energy … Continue reading

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Rumble in the Jungle

This is the best animal battle ever recorded (trust me, I’ve seen all of them). Some of you may have seen this. The rest of you need to.

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