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The Will to Win

Remember how I hate this time of year?  I would hate it even more if it weren’t for the fact that January and February is when dodgeball season occurs. Advertisements

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Tiebreakers: The Case of the Law Firm Trick-or-Treat

“Every smart parent operates by one simple rule: To me, my kids are heaven’s own cherubs; to most other adults, they are just one level above germ-spreading vermin.” Continue reading

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“Anyone who has ever been in a relationship has had the following thought when engaged in a disagreement or fight with their partner: ‘Sugar Bear, I love you. But you are clearly insane, and if you and I were to present our respective sides of this disagreement to an impartial observer, this observer would laugh in your face, have you committed, look at me with eyes of sympathy, and call the Pope to start the process of having me canonized.'”

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