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We’ve been having a little problem with Lucy, our boisterous six year old middle child.  She has stumbled on the joy of scaring people.  Peaceful Sunday afternoons and late weeknights after bedtime are often punctuated by the sounds of a … Continue reading

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Brother vs. Brother

We were asking Rex today what he thought it would be like to have a brother or two.  Some of his friends have multiple brothers, and we asked how they get along.  He said sometimes they fight, but most of … Continue reading

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Traveling Companion

Not long ago I was embroiled in a pretty intense, laborious case that kept me working hard and traveling all over the place.  For just a few months, my life was one of those cliches where every airport, car rental … Continue reading

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The Bee Warrior: The Battle of San Lorenzo

Part I here. One summer during college, back when Davis, a.k.a. “Gordon Gecko,” still tried to get ladies by posing as a do-gooder, he convinced me to spend a summer in Honduras, do-gooding.  We landed in post-Hurricane Mitch Tegucigalpa, picked … Continue reading

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The Bee Warrior

Once in a while, you look up and you realize that your entire life has been laid out for the special purpose of preparing you for a specific challenge, some adversary you are intended to meet, which would easily vanquish … Continue reading

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A Hero Lies in You

Everyone loves to be a hero.  Those of us who really are heroes love it just as much, but we don’t make as big a deal out of it as normal people do.  Last week the whole family was at … Continue reading

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Security Professionals Part II: The Battle of Top Cop

See Part I of this story here. It took me two weeks of hard work and diminishing hopes to find Mr. Martinez.  One other salesman had already broken through by then, with several sales under his belt, but the rest … Continue reading

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