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Tenley, We Hardly Knew Ye

Going through this season with Jake, watching him court and sift through 25 women, and seeing him zero in on and fall for Vienna gives me an idea of the sick feeling a parent must get when their child brings home a goth they met on Second Life and says they are engaged. Continue reading

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Reality Advice

Your few weeks on a TV show don’t qualify as a “journey,” so stop calling it that. A journey is more along the lines of 30 years of marriage to a homeless person, or starting a five-star window cleaning business, or creating a big cat reserve for the orphans of poached tigers, lions, and leopards. Continue reading

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Onnnnnn the Wiinnnnnngs of Looooovvve

Well, it’s that time of year again. You know what I’m talking about. Let’s stop playing games and just call a spade a spade: The Bachelor is back, and we’re all pumped about it. Or at least we were, until … Continue reading

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