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Brave New World

For some of us stalking is taking black and white pictures of other people from a windowless van with high-powered cameras. Is there anything wrong with that? Of course there isn’t. It’s a hobby in the same way tennis is a hobby. Continue reading

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“Anyone who has ever been in a relationship has had the following thought when engaged in a disagreement or fight with their partner: ‘Sugar Bear, I love you. But you are clearly insane, and if you and I were to present our respective sides of this disagreement to an impartial observer, this observer would laugh in your face, have you committed, look at me with eyes of sympathy, and call the Pope to start the process of having me canonized.'”

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Friday Fun Video Time!

“Twilight-related jokes at this point in the game are generally pretty Jay Leno-y. (‘You want to see bloodsuckers? I’ll save you the $9 and drive you to my lawyer’s office!!’)” Continue reading

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