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Urban Indignities

Have I told you guys before about the complete pit where I work?  It’s not the firm I’m talking about.  The firm is great.  I mean that where I work is an actual pit. My building sits in Salt Lake … Continue reading

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Security Professionals Part II: The Battle of Top Cop

See Part I of this story here. It took me two weeks of hard work and diminishing hopes to find Mr. Martinez.  One other salesman had already broken through by then, with several sales under his belt, but the rest … Continue reading

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Security Professionals

“but of course only the full system is going to stop those committed criminals. And that’s the only way to get the free key fob too, but I don’t know if you’re the type of person who uses a set of keys . . .” Continue reading

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Free the Candy

Valentine’s Day approaches. For women, this means that men will give them cupcakes or jewels or even a rose cleverly encapsulated within a blown-up balloon, if they’re my 10th grade girlfriend. For me, it means that the secretaries have begun … Continue reading

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A Really Great Opportunity

Do I want to not work and be rich or do I like working a lot and being poor? Do I want to keep working for my fat, smelly boss, or do I want to FIRE his butt? Do I like how my wife looks in her salmon Jacqueline Smith blouse, or would she look better in Dior zebra fur? Continue reading

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Hate the Game, Not the Player

“As a window cleaner, you are the master of a universe. Your brain surgeon client probably knows more about brains and surgery than you do, but when it comes to his windows, he’s like a newborn fawn.” Continue reading

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