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Let’s Skip to the Good Stuff

We haven’t had an installment of our Tiebreakers series in far, far too long, and although this post doesn’t technically qualify as a Tiebreaker, it’s at least a first cousin. Advertisements

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Naming Rights

Everyone knows Heimlich, and everyone loves his maneuver. I’d love to have my name attached to a maneuver. Continue reading

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The Circumstances We Find Ourselves In

I have always enjoyed a certain type of person and situation. I’m not sure what to call that type of person and situation. Overused as it is, “random” is the best word I can think of to describe this person/situation. … Continue reading

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Am I My Brother’s Scorekeeper?

Anyone who grew up with a brother or brothers close in age knows that by the time you turn 6 or 7 you and your brother(s) know exactly who is better than whom at every single activity known to civilized … Continue reading

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Growing Old Pains

Many moons ago I worked at a job I liked a lot. In my office was a secretary in her late 60s or early 70s. Even though she was quite grouchy, I felt bad for her because she had never … Continue reading

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You Brought a Slap to a Knife Fight

There are a great many things I want to experience before I die. I am slightly embarrassed to admit that two of these are getting punched in the face and punching someone else in the face.

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You Say Pistachio

The world and all of the categories of people that populate it could implode too easily into one great mass of normal, unassuming folks just talking how they were taught to talk. That’s the last thing I’m prepared to consider. Continue reading

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